Whole health and healing for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

“We so often get caught up in life and forget to tell people how amazingly rad they are. We also so often forget to tell ourselves the same thing. One great thing about Yoga and FST is we get to explore this winding road of self awareness and compassion, both within our physical bodies and our minds. Not only that…but we then get to step out the door shower that compassion on everyone surrounding us!” — ANNIE

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  • The studio is on the 12th floor in downtown Portland, providing a completely freeing experience to practice yoga in the clouds.
  • A perfect place for the busy professional – providing opportunity to find balance in your life.


  • $20/class
  • Private Session $100/hr
  • Studio available for private yoga groups. Please call or email Hygeia Healing for details.

Multiple Class Package Options:

  • Purchase a multi-pack 5 classes for $90 click HERE
  • Purchase a multi-pack 10 classes for $170 click HERE
  • First time Introductory offer 3 classes for $30 click HERE
  • Unlimited monthly classes for $100/month click HERE
  • Class purchases are good for Yoga, Life Stretch, Hide&Watch and Barre classes.  Try them all!


Please arrive on time or a few minutes early. If possible bathe prior to your appointment and have minimal food in your stomach. Please minimize fragrances.  Wear loose comfortable clothes.  Enjoy yoga in the clouds!