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There is a definite need in our community for more helpful, easy to understand, specific-to-you information about your health and medications — especially as we traverse the healthcare system.  This is why Hygeia Healing offers a new service:  Healthcare Consult.  This service includes:

1. A meeting with me (Christine) either at Hygeia Healing or at your doctor’s appointment

2. Questions for you to ask your doctor (or I’ll ask them at the appointment)

3. Clarification of what the goals are for your health and wellbeing

4. A review of your medications

4. An after visit summary typed by me, in easy to understand language, in a concise and organized format.

Clients are already using this service for things such as:

  • Understanding of her blood pressure issues, medications, and ways to get off of these medications including recommended exercises, movement, nutrition and more
  • Review of Mom’s medications and her diagnosis, ideas about living arrangements, side effects to look out for, and questions to ask caregivers and physicians
  • Attend cardiologist appointment to better understand what his heart condition is, questions answered, and habits to add or alter to better his longevity and minimize medications
  • Attend interventional cardiologist appointment to better understand diagnosis and treatment options
  • Review surgical procedure, questions to ask MD and surgeon regarding procedure, medications upon discharge from the hospital, and real-time post op questions answered for her serious condition
  • Attended pre-op appointments and asked questions and explained procedure and at home recovery. Was the contact person during surgery, waiting at the hospital, stayed with family and asked postop questions of surgeon. (This situation was 4 appointments)


The fee for each appointment is $275 and is offered exclusively by Dr. Christine, Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, Pharmacist, who specializes in Aging Well and has over 13 years acute care experience.

Most important she really cares about you and wants the very best for you out of this amazing life.  This is a service that is unparalleled and not available anywhere else. Please email info@hygeiahealingonline.com with questions or reserve your appointment HERE.

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