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Do you want to feel more open in your body?  Do you want to feel taller?  Do you want to be younger? Do you want less pain?  FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy) can help you with 3 out of 4 of those! FST is a full body assisted stretching appointment where you relax and lay on a massage table and your FST therapist helps you become more flexible, reduces your aches and pains, and increases your body’s ability to be open.  With gentle traction people often feel taller and more open in their whole body.  In addition, after an FST session you can reduce stress and improve sleep.  We will stretch you from your head to your toes in a pain free way.Such a great, fun and delightful way to take good care of yourself.

A complete, full body, manual therapy and movement system. This assisted stretch therapy gives faster and longer lasting results than individual stretching or massage alone. FST is great for athletes and those looking for pain management, rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, mobility and movement re-education and wellness.


  • $60/30 minute session  (great for just 1 focus area)
  • $115/ 60 minute session (great for 2-3 areas)
  • $175/ 90 minute session (amazing for whole body relief and relaxation)
  • Tipping is discouraged.


Please arrive on time. If possible have minimal food in your stomach. Wear loose comfortable clothing (like what you would wear to do yoga or exercise).

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In-person stretching one-on-one still offered in clinic.  If you’d like to have an on-line virtual appointment with all the same specific guided stretches we are utilizing Zoom and the cost will be reduced to $99.  You also can invite the other members of your household to join you, or 1 friend in a different location (we just need their email address to send them the invite).  A unique perk of the Covid-19 social distancing.

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After 1 FST treatment with Deb O’Connor, I played golf and had the best score I’ve had in 3 years!  I was actually loving the fact that i had my swing back.  Several times I just stopped and held the finish swing, saying I haven’t been in this position in a couple of years!  Total follow through! It was exciting!

Deb D


My body moves like I’m 10 years younger. I no longer have to consciously worry about how I’m lifting and carrying things for my job. I love FST!

Deb W

Fire Fighter

“I am so impressed with Hygeia Healing and Christine! What a wonderfully welcoming and centering space. Christine’s fascial stretch therapy sessions are just what I need. She is knowledgable, caring and simply a pleasure. I have a lot of tension from the birth of my child and sitting at a desk all day. I left feeling far less pain, relaxed and rejuvenated.   The day after I was able to move so much more freely and workout with a renewed energy. I highly recommend Christine and Hygeia Healing!”

Stacy P.

Chiropractic Aide

“Christine put me right at ease as I experienced my first (and definitely not my last!) Fascial Stretch Therapy session. For 90 glorious minutes, while lying on a specialized massage table, Christine deliberately and methodically moved all parts of my body to stretch the fascia, which is the connective tissue surrounding the muscles. I had previously tried to use regular stretching on my own to address certain areas in my body with tight fascia; however, I was never able to successfully achieve the results I wanted and the discomfort persisted. After completing this session with Christine, my body just felt so much lighter, my range of motion greatly increased, and I was astounded by the freedom of movement I felt. I would have sworn she had magic in her hands by the way I felt at the end of my session!”

Kathleen P.

Social Worker