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LifeStretch, Hide&Watch and Much More

  • All classes have moved to your living room!
  • The stretches are already ready for you in the Monthly Membership of Hygeia Healing’s Online Clinic called WWW.TAKECHARGEOFMYHEALTH.ONLINE.
  • Coming soon will be all the functional fitness movements that were taught in our class called Hide & Watch.  These moves are meant to make you sweat, improve your functional strength, stability and balance.
  • The functional fitness movements will auto-populate into your Monthly Membership after just a few weeks.
  • Check with your physician when starting a new exercise routine.
  • And so much more is already waiting for you at our on-line clinic.  See you there!

If you would like to schedule a private or semi-private in-person or via Zoom class for either LifeStretch or Hide&Watch please email info@hygeiahealingonline.com


  • $24.95/month