Whole health and healing for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.



Dr. Christine Mayo Powers is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist and clinical pharmacist who is recognized as a teacher of both Western and Eastern philosophies, specializing in Aging at The Ohio State University. She has trained and become certified in Eden Energy Medicine, Fascial Stretch Therapy and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist offering a transpersonal approach to healing and personal development.

During her career, Dr. Mayo Powers has been on the Nutritional Metabolic Support Team and the Intensive Care Team at local acute care hospitals, worked at mental health and addiction hospitals, and opened her own Healing and Wellness clinic providing preventative care in Portland, Oregon. She currently provides workshops and individual care on aging well, physical functionality, prevention and reversal of common chronic illnesses. She loves to continually learn new modalities and techniques that can help people and their pets.

Dr. Mayo Powers currently resides in Oregon seeing clients at her clinic, Hygeia Healing, and also at her online clinic seeing clients all over the world at www.takechargeofmyhealth.online.  She published her first book in 2018: VEGGIE BINGO, Winning the battle of inflammation in a fun natural nutritious way!
In her personal life, Dr. Mayo Powers loves to hike and spend time with her husband and her pups. Oregon is an amazing place to be in nature as there is the ocean, mountains, rain forest and desert. She feels so blessed to be in such a beautiful and magical place. Her husband, Bruce Powers, is a singer-song writer and accomplished guitarist. Together they love to write stories that become lyrics and fun music. In her down time, she also loves to quilt and make colorful blankets for people to snuggle in.


RYT200, Restorative Exercise Specialist (certified by Nutritious Movement)

Janci Butler RYT200 has been teaching yoga in Portland for 15 years. She is a certified by Nutritious Movement™ as a Restorative Exercise Specialist and combines yoga with the alignment science of biomechanics, a combination that allows her to practice and teach yoga asana safely with the kind of results we all want, better mobility, a sunnier outlook on life, and happier joints.

Yoga inspires Janci to remain a life-long student. She hopes you will join her on this rewarding, fun journey that guides you towards greater self-knowledge.


In Ancient Greece, Hygeia is the Goddess of Health. She is the daughter of the god of medicine (Asclepius). While his symbol is known as the caduceus (a rod with a snake twined around it, used by the medical profession), her’s is the Bowl of Hygeia, a chalice with a snake twined around it. The Bowl of Hygeia is the symbol used by the pharmacy profession. An interpretation of that symbol is the logo for Hygeia Healing, founded by pharmacist, Dr. Christine Mayo Powers, PharmD. (Created by the talented Erin E Henry.)

Debbie O'Connor


Deb is an energy medicine practitioner  and fascial stretch therapist who is also a daughter, friend, co-worker, employer, caregiver, and mom, all of which involve helping those around her with a myriad of emotional, psychological, and physical challenges. Her background includes more than 15 years of extensive work in home healthcare and hospice. This career path inspired her studies in alternative therapies including energy medicine and fascial stretch therapy.  She is committed to practicing and sharing these favorites. She believes in a multimodal healing approach, choosing to combine one or more modes of healing when working with each individual to reach the best result for them. Her approach includes Eden Energy Medicine and FST stretching, a technique that incorporates both passive and active assisted stretching to improve range of motion, release tension, and open energy pathways within the physical body. She is the developer of a successful protocol to open sinuses and relieve pressure, as well as decrease symptoms of seasonal allergies and eliminate headaches. She is eager to help those interested in seeking to add a non-Western modality to help increase their health, wellness, and vitality.



Lindsay is a Licensed Massage Therapist led to this career through an ever-evolving drive to find what makes her feel the most healthy, alive, and at ease. This path started in college where she received a Bachelors in Psychology. By that time, yoga had become a powerfully transformative influence in her life and she followed that pull. Through yoga teacher training she discovered a fascination with how we inhabit our bodies, adapt to our environment, hold emotions and pain, and the power we have to influence all of this.

Through a desire to work one on one with people to help them along their own path, she became drawn to the idea of massage. Upon relocating to Portland, Oregon from New Hampshire, she attended East West College and became an LMT in 2014.  Her central intention in bodywork is to provide a context where clients are able to gain awareness, experience, and reassess if certain ways of holding their body are still serving them. Our bodies are far more wise than we often give them credit for. Even when we are in pain, this a call for us to to listen closely – it is an opportunity for change.

Lindsay’s work is a slow, flowing, intentional style of massage that allows space for and encourages natural unwinding and release without unnecessary force.  A variety of techniques are used including deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and Thai massage principles. She also offers fire cupping – traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to help with stagnation and tension. Her sessions often include discussion of specific yoga postures, stretches, and her favorite – self-myofascial release techniques her clients can use at home to work on their specific concerns. Above all, she wants to be a support to help you find the resources you need along your own journey.

In her free time she enjoys anything involving getting out of her head and into her body – be it climbing, yoga, skiing with her husband or a quick Forest Park jog with her dog, as long as it’s in nature shes happy.


Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor, RYPT-500, Restorative Exercise Specialist (certified by Nutritious Movement)

Nina specializes in movement to awaken the mind & body and gain insight of our own habits and bracing patterns.  Her passion is to help improve health and balance and reduce pain through motion and proper alignment.  Using corrective exercise and self-massage with props and Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, you will find your own blind spots and address your overused and underused muscles.

With a varied background of movement disciplines including Pilates, yoga therapy, corporate wellness and corrective movement, Nina has studied with many inspiring teachers including Jill Miller and Katy Bowman. She is certified with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Tune Up® Instructor and certified by Nutritious Movement™ as a Restorative Exercise Specialist.

Nina believes in grounding and acceptance; knowing that it isn’t about touching your toes, but what you learn about yourself on the way down. Her classes offer a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for students to explore their mental and physical boundaries.