Whole health and healing for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.



Dr. Mayo Powers has always been passionate about science which led her to be a healer. This interest in science was the catalyst for pursuing a degree in biochemistry at University of Nevada, Reno, followed by a clinical doctorate in Pharmacy at The Ohio State University. Christine’s move to Portland was to complete a residency, but she actually received so much more –a home.

This allowed her to work for the last decade in acute care, specifically ICU, oncology, post-op, mental health and nutritional support in local community hospitals. In that time, she has seen much suffering, some miracles, and the transition of many lives. Patients who have suffered from a chronic illness that has spiraled out of control into an acute and catastrophic illness. Family members who’s lack of emotional health makes them unable to share love in life’s last moments. And health care workers who are spiritually drained, emotionally spent and physically exhausted already, having to pull extra shifts. She recognized there is something missing in our current health care paradigm. We in acute care do excellent jobs in saving people from the brink of death or catastrophe, but what about avoiding or healing the chronic illnesses? What about utilizing the body’s own wisdom? Christine wanted to find the answers. In her own exploration for wellness to cope with the spiritual, emotional and physical stresses of life, she has found a true balance, that utilizes evidence based practices. This incorporates the missing system of Energy, a total whole approach to physical strength and exercise, and the discovery of Truth in the mind. She has become a practitioner of all three areas. In addition to being a board certified clinical pharmacist, Christine is a clinical transpersonal hypnotherapist, a Life Stretch instructor, and a Fascial Stretch Therapist. In January 2017 she completed her Eden Energy Medicine Certification and be able to provide individual Energy healing sessions.

Christine intuitively knows that with total wellness and balance, healing can happen. This is why she founded Hygeia Healing. This unique blending of healing modalities, physical fitness, and support that Hygeia Healing offers will create for clients and the community a revolution of wellness. Christine guides the client to discover their own healing power and wisdom within their spirit, mind and body.


RYT200, Restorative Exercise Specialist (certified by Nutritious Movement)

Janci Butler RYT200 has been teaching yoga in Portland for 15 years. She is a certified by Nutritious Movement™ as a Restorative Exercise Specialist and combines yoga with the alignment science of biomechanics, a combination that allows her to practice and teach yoga asana safely with the kind of results we all want, better mobility, a sunnier outlook on life, and happier joints.

Yoga inspires Janci to remain a life-long student. She hopes you will join her on this rewarding, fun journey that guides you towards greater self-knowledge.



Xenia believes yoga is a practice for all bodies. She received her 200-hour training with Amy Pastore from iFlow Yoga. Xenia is especially interested in trauma sensitivity and reaching communities where yoga might not be readily accessible. She called to alignment-based practice and am grateful to all of my wonderful teachers.

Off the mat, Xenia is a musician and writer.


In Ancient Greece, Hygeia is the Goddess of Health. She is the daughter of the god of medicine (Asclepius). While his symbol is known as the caduceus (a rod with a snake twined around it, used by the medical profession), her’s is the Bowl of Hygeia, a chalice with a snake twined around it. The Bowl of Hygeia is the symbol used by the pharmacy profession. An interpretation of that symbol is the logo for Hygeia Healing, founded by pharmacist, Dr. Christine Mayo Powers, PharmD. (Created by the talented Erin E Henry.)

Debbie O'Connor


Deb is an energy medicine practitioner  and fascial stretch therapist who is also a daughter, friend, co-worker, employer, caregiver, and mom, all of which involve helping those around her with a myriad of emotional, psychological, and physical challenges. Her background includes more than 15 years of extensive work in home healthcare and hospice. This career path inspired her studies in alternative therapies including energy medicine and fascial stretch therapy.  She is committed to practicing and sharing these favorites. She believes in a multimodal healing approach, choosing to combine one or more modes of healing when working with each individual to reach the best result for them. Her approach includes Eden Energy Medicine and FST stretching, a technique that incorporates both passive and active assisted stretching to improve range of motion, release tension, and open energy pathways within the physical body. She is the developer of a successful protocol to open sinuses and relieve pressure, as well as decrease symptoms of seasonal allergies and eliminate headaches. She is eager to help those interested in seeking to add a non-Western modality to help increase their health, wellness, and vitality.


LMT OR#21750

Jessica has a passion for bodywork and believes that a holistic approach is the best type of proactive medicine. She is a state-licensed Massage Therapist certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) and is an active member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association). Jessica is an alumni of University of Western States Massage Therapy Program and obtained her FST certification in 2013 through the Stretch to Win Institute in Tempe, AZ. She has hands-on experience in Sports Performance/Injury Prevention related bodywork and massage, including time at numerous performance centers and interned with Portland State University Athletic Department. She is a level 2 CFMT  practitioner (Fascial Movement Tape) certified with Rocktape and has advanced soft tissue mobilization skills using F.A.T(Fascial Abrasion Techniques) and SMART tools (ISTM-Instrument Assisted Soft-tissue Manipulation).


She continues her passion for knowledge in her field by seeking out the highest levels of continuing education and training in her profession. Her goal is a lifelong professional career rich in compassion and dedication to health and well-being.


When she isn’t studying for school, Jess can be found at her local gym. Jess is an avid weightlifter and competitive power lifter.


Fun facts: She learned to husk coconut at a young age growing up in Guam and can cook or bake just about anything!


YRT 200, Barre Certified

Adrienne Peters’ zest for dance began at the young age of 3 when she was mystified by her uncle’s Middle Eastern music and his Gypsy Caravan Belly Dance world. She first explored Ballet, Jazz and Tap, but found her free spirit to be confined in the realm of traditional dance. Still searching for the gypsy magic that captivated her from a young age, she explored African Dance, Hip Hop, Latin Dance and Musical Theater. After attending Los Angeles County High School of the Arts, Adrienne went on to study Belly Dance, Samba, Afro Brazilian, Dance Improvisation, Contact Dance, Release Technique, Somatics and anything else she could move her body to. She fell in love with Belly Dance and performed professionally for over 10 years. She also worked with Youth in Arts and Young Imaginations, teaching Creative Movement, Dance Theater and Dance Improvisation to youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from New College of California with a degree in Arts & Social Change. After years of teaching studio classes and dance in schools, Adrienne was asked to teach a Belly Dance Class at a Fitness Center. It was during this time that she discovered her love of body mechanics. She went on to become a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer, Barre instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher and Zumba instructor. Adrienne has a unique talent of fusing yoga, dance and fitness in a fun and innovative way. Her classes are inviting and invigorating, infusing the participants with her passion for movement and expression! When Adrienne is not moving and dancing she is writing songs and singing in her band.


Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor, RYPT-500, Restorative Exercise Specialist (certified by Nutritious Movement)

Nina specializes in movement to awaken the mind & body and gain insight of our own habits and bracing patterns.  Her passion is to help improve health and balance and reduce pain through motion and proper alignment.  Using corrective exercise and self-massage with props and Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, you will find your own blind spots and address your overused and underused muscles.

With a varied background of movement disciplines including Pilates, yoga therapy, corporate wellness and corrective movement, Nina has studied with many inspiring teachers including Jill Miller and Katy Bowman. She is certified with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Tune Up® Instructor and certified by Nutritious Movement™ as a Restorative Exercise Specialist.

Nina believes in grounding and acceptance; knowing that it isn’t about touching your toes, but what you learn about yourself on the way down. Her classes offer a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for students to explore their mental and physical boundaries.




Judi Murfin RYT200 has a love of yoga and shares that passion with her clients.  Judi came to yoga due to long distance running injuries, shin splints and plantar fasciitis as well as flat feet.  After months of yoga and healing Judi has never looked back. Yoga was more than a break to heal from an injury but a holistic journey that has grown into a passion that she wants to share with others. Vinyasa is a flowing of yoga poses (asanas) that allows one to connect with their breath, body and spirit.  Judi believes stress release and physical health are the best reasons to practice yoga consistently.  Judi truly encompasses the saying “Strong is Beautiful”.  Her classes offer you strength, flexibility  and balance in a safe and beautiful way.