Whole health and healing for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Located conveniently in Portland, Oregon. The studio for FST.

At Hygiea Healing our focus is YOU.  We believe that people deserve better, healthy alternatives which promote joy and vitality as we age.  We challenge the status quo of healthcare through innovative healing techniques that actually work.  We conveniently offer FST (fascial stretch therapy) as a complete, full-body, manual therapy and movement system; Life Stretch classes, yoga classes for all levels, hypnotherapy, medication therapy management, and much more.

We focus on the following keys of wellness:

  1. The body is designed to heal itself.
  2. Aging can be a slow, joyful, vibrant, healthy process.
  3. Words contain real magic and have the capacity to heal.
  4. Your mind and thoughts will direct your life.

Are you motivated to take control of your life and wellness?  

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New location:

5319 SW Westgate Dr, Suite 242, Portland, OR 97221

(503) 222.1739

“Self-care is health-care.” -Jill Miller, The Roll Model & Yoga Tune Up Fitness

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